A weekend course to be remembered…

April 10th, 2012
Widget, Bessy Beck trout Fishery's rescue cat

Widget, Bessy Beck trout Fishery's rescue cat

This weekend saw our first visit of 2012 to Bessy Beck Trout fishery, where we renewed acquantance with Widget, the cat rescued from a baling machine last year… We had with us Claire and her husband Adam, a fabulous, creative and technical chef.  I’m sure he would grace the screens of Masterchef if he had any interest in pastry.  I have put some pictures in this year’s gallery but thought more were required!

An exclusive course gave us the opportunity to experiment… so we did.  The food that wasn’t eaten over the weekend was taken home, and I understand the smoked caulliflower made a perfect puree to go with sea bass…

Claire wrote this lovely “review”  on our Facebook page:

“Thank you Jo and Georgina for an absolutely wonderful weekend!  We are safely back in London now, with our lovely box of goodies, and Adam is full of ideas for things to smoke.  I will certainly let you know if he comes up with something particularly good!  You have been such fantastic teachers and hosts, and you really made the experience special for both of us.  I almost wish I’d saved you for next year, as now I have no idea how I’m going to top this for Adam’s 30th!!  Take care and all the best, and good luck with the book launch!  We will be buying a copy! ”

Well, we enjoyed it to!   Claire Lau has promised to send us some of the pictures she took too – as a professional photographer in north London I suspect they may be better than these!


2 Responses to “A weekend course to be remembered…”

  1. Claire says:

    Don’t speak too soon! Adam may claim to have no interest in pastry for now, but once he’s conquered home-made sauces and pasta I strongly suspect pastry will be next on the hit-list….
    The smoked cauliflower was indeed fabulous as a puree with sea bream. Since getting home we’ve had our first go at making our own smoked salmon and it was excellent – we were very impressed with our first effort! We especially like it served thickly sliced – it’s like having smoked sashimi – wonderful! We’ve also made smoked asparagus (but this time, cold smoked then cooked), and smoked red peppers which were turned into an excellent pasta sauce. Adam’s planning on cold-smoking onions then slow cooking them and making a smoked onion tart. The smoked bone marrow is also on my wishlist. If we manage to make that successfully, I’ll send you a picture!

  2. Smoky Jo says:

    Good to hear your smoking news! Chef at the Wild Boar makes a wonderful sauce – he uses smoked damsons and cumin. Perfect with cold meats…

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