Buying a food smoker or building one?

March 13th, 2012

We had a lovely email from Pete, who was on our Wild Boar food smoking course last week… he’s definitely in the “construction” camp of food smokers.  He and his mate Graeme arrived with tales of dustbin conversion and vanished smoked cheese.  They obviously were not put off and have been inspired to further fumigating adventures….

“Hi J & G, thank you so much for the weekend’s smoking, fantastic and having been on various similar courses one of the best. Will send you some of the sweet onions i was talking about Jo.

DIY Food Smoker, - well nearly!

DIY Food Smoker, - well nearly!

Was in the loft at 6am this morning uncovering this beauty, she has potential I think! As you can see from the dust she has been there a while and unfortunately will be a while longer as the boss [Pete’s wife!] has told me I have to finish my bread oven first, boo. Thanks again, Pete (and Graeme).”

At Smoky Jo’s we use commercially available smokers and home-made ones ranging from saucepans and carboard boxes to wardrobes and of course filing cabinets…  Whatever smokes your salmon, as they say!


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