Awards, Awards, Awards – The worlds first Smoked Marmalade!

March 1st, 2012
Whisky Smoked Marmalade. Smoky Jo's award winning whisky smoked marmalade

Whisky Smoked Marmalade. Smoky Jo's award winning whisky smoked marmalade

There is great excitement at Smoky Jo’s.

This weekend Smoky Jo’s has been awarded not one but two Bronze Awards for our smoked marmalade at the prestigious World Marmalade Festival.

Smoked Marmalade?  What ever is that?  Well last year Smoky Jo decided to start smoking some different foods and  she began to experiment with smoking fruit.  We had great success with smoked bananas and apples,  smoked damsons were wonderful for making sauces but we were not so pleased with the smoked oranges.  So not to be put off Smoky Jo set about to see what could be made out of the smoked oranges and she came up with the idea of making smoked orange marmalade.

The oranges were smoked for a number of hours and then used as normal oranges in the marmalade making process.  Having made one batch she went on to  perfect the recipe. Being quite pleased with the result she wasn’t content with only one smoked marmalade so she looked around for something to go in as an ‘added ingredient’.  Her eyes fell upon a bottle of single malt whisky that smoking friends ‘ The Tweedies’ from north of the border had given to us at Christmas. Not  wanting to waste such nectar she added just a small spoonful to her smoked marmalade and the result was amazing.

It was with some trepidation that Smoky Jo delivered her marmalades to the Festival office fearing that she might be laughed out of the  show.  But no – the judges Pam Corbin, Consultant to River Cottage and Jonathan Miller from Fortnum and Mason found the marmalade to be “bright, golden and clear; fresh fruity and fragrant; fresh and zesty with good citrus tones and a fragrance of  ‘bergamot‘…..and  we were duly awarded two Bronze Awards.

This is a smoking ‘First’ – we cannot find any record of anyone anywhere smoking oranges to make marmalade.  This will now be available for our B&B guests who stay with us for their food smoking courses

Hooray for Smoky Jo and her crazy ideas!

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