Food smoking news from one of Smoky Jo’s star pupils!

January 27th, 2012

For so many people these days learning to smoke food is just a step on a journey adventuring with food…  Getting emails like this one from Matt, who came on the first two day smoking course of last season is why Smoky Jo’s run food smoking courses!

“Hi Jo and G,

A tardy note to wish you a Happy New Year and drop you an update smoking activities over Christmas hols!

A marathon 3 day smoking session using the filing cabinet method, fuelled with charcoal and oak, and the cold smoke generator filling in the gaps.

The smoking fare included two rumps of Roe, which required a good few days of brining and 36 hours of smoking.  In the lower draws I smoked some chicken, pork ribs, bree, cheddar, salmon and homemade sausages – using a present inspired by the sausage making on your course!

One of the Roe rumps went back to the chap who shot it, and mine is hanging from the larder hoping to achieve a parma ham consistency….. it still smells OK so I’m hopeful!

Anyway, still getting plenty of pleasure from experimentation, and very inspired by the clay oven smoker!



We are looking forward to a new year of smoking courses starting at The Wild Boar in February…

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