A mixed Christmas of smoked food and sadness

January 2nd, 2012
Nougat RIP

Nougat RIP

We enjoyed our best-ever wardrobe-smoked salmon – as did various friends and relatives, our neighbours enjoyed the turkey we smoked for them.

Today it was good to see John and Elayne – who came on one of our food smoking course back in April – when they popped in to update us on their smoking exploits having been smoking salmon for Christmas presents.  They have also gone in to making, smoking and curing sausages in a big way!  We hope to have some recipes from them soon….

They also took the opportunity to buy a cold smoke generator.

I wouldn’t usually mention anything so sad on this blog but I know many people who have learned to smoke food with us have enjoyed meeting Nougat – the most beautiful cat in the world with more personality than a chat show.  Sadly we lost him a couple of days ago and the world is just not quite the place it was.

This amazing picture was taken by one of our guests.  So many people were enchanted by him, his voice, playfulness and occasional arrogance.  Those with VERY upmarket cars had to make sure he wasn’t relaxing on their leather upholstery… We miss him terribly.

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