Smoking salmon at home for Christmas…

December 15th, 2011
Smoking salmon and haggis in a wardrobe

Smoking salmon and haggis for Christmas in a wardrobe

I have just had an e-conversation with Geoff, who was here on a smoking course with Jean in the summer (remember that..?)  He was struggling to create perfect smoked salmon… and it’s not surprising in this weather!  This was the problem….

“Dear Smoky Jo/George

After the course in the summer I successfully smoked about 700 g of salmon/trout using the Cold Smoke Generator bit of kit.  I did this in a Webber type of BBQ.

The weight loss was about 20% and all was fine. I am now trying to smoke about 1.5 kg of salmon and after 3 hours dry salting ( it had previously been frozen so I reduced the time) I have smoked it for about 13 hrs. and as yet it has hardly lost any weight at all!  (less than 10% ) What am I doing wrong? Any Ideas?

Best regards for the Festive Season and hoping you have time to  help me out…

Regards,   Geoff Lloyd

The solution:

“Hi Geoff,  Delighted to hear you are still smoking – It won’t be you, it will be the weather!  Lots of moisture in the atmosphere… If you have a cold dry place to leave it that may work; otherwise you will need to dry it with air movement – a fan oven with no heat will work, or a larder with a dehumidifier, or on a cooling rack with a fan going over it… or converting a cupboard/fridge and rigging up a fan inside… Hope this helps!

We’re just salting our Christmas salmon… Happy smoking!


And finally… “Thanks George for getting back to me so quickly… I don’t feel a failure now. I’ll try your ideas. Got lots of ideas for DIY engineering!!

Best regards to you and Jo from Jean and myself – G”

We really were just smoking our Christmas salmon and now it’s on Heath Robinson/Blue Peter shelves in the wardrobe with some oak and beech wood smoke… oh yes, and a haggis is in there too!

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