Recycling to create a home-made home-smoker!

November 24th, 2009

“Just a quick hello to say thanks for the advice given on your course and to show you my home made cold smoker.  Most of it is made from recycled materials.  The firebox is an old clothes boiler. The stainless steel connecting pipe came from a scrap yard.  The smoking cabinet is made from an old piece of 8’X4′ plywood taken from a skip on a building site.  The chimney is a piece of left-over drain pipe from building my chicken house.  The only things I have paid for are a 90 degree bend for the chimney, 2 lengths of 2″X2″ for the smoking cabinet frame, a length of 1″X1″ for the removable rack rails and the length of stainless steel pipe to connect firebox to the smoking cabinet.” – Frank Sargeant.
Thanks Frank – this is a great design, certainly matches our Freddie Filing Cabinet! – really wonderful and all the better as it uses so much recycled material.  Have a look at the home designed food smokers inspired by Smoky Jo’s for pictures of how Frank actually designed this piece by piece. It is a perfect cold smoker!

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