Wild Boar Food Smoking Course November 2011

November 23rd, 2011

Wow!  Last week’s course was a real treat, a lovely group of people, lovely food (obviously) and returning to The Wild Boar was like going home…. albeit a warm and welcoming home where someone else presents the food and washes the dishes…  here’s what Dawn and Les thought…

Dawn and Les smoking food at the Wild Boar
Dawn and Les smoking food at the Wild Boar

“Hello to you 2 brilliant smokin’ ladies

My husband Les and I had such a fantastic time on your smoking course at The Wild Boar last Saturday (12/11/2011) – we learnt so much and have sung your praises to everyone we’ve spoken to since – we now have to produce some smoked food to let them taste………..  We also ate so much amazing food from the course, we both put on weight!  The course just exceeded all our expectations and was so brilliantly presented by you both – thank you!  You made it all look so easy and we’re now raring to use our new cold smoking gizmo and all the tips you gave us.

I got so carried away watching, listening and choosing flavours that I just didn’t get around to taking many (well OK – any) notes, which I’m now regretting.  Please can you remind us how much salt and sugar to put in how much water for the brine?  I know you said it’s down to taste, but a starter guide would be really helpful please. [notes now sent]

Also, can’t wait for your book to come out, which we’ll look out for on your blog.

Thank you again for the wonderful course – Les said it was the best birthday present I’ve ever bought him – how do I top that next year?  A 2-day smoking course with you both?????

With very kind

Dawn & Les”

Isn’t that lovely?!

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