Oak and beech and smoking food

November 23rd, 2009

Very sad as the lovely man we get our wood shavings from has given up his furniture making business and bought some land in Spain.  He is moving over there to build his own house.  A cave house! Sounds very exciting!  So I have enjoyed meeting lots of new people who may take over as the supplyer of wood to smoke over at Smoky Jo’s.  So many people are into food, BBQs and smoking these days and are genuinely intersted in enjoying a day learning how to do it properly. I now have a supply of oak and a supply of beech.  We tend to always use oak – for many reasons it is the best wood to smoke over – unless you are from Scandinavia where you will be more used to a softer wood.  People always ask for advice about getting wood for smoking.  The best thing to tell you is – don’t go to a saw mill for your wood – always find a small wood-turner or furntiure maker – for reasons you will learn about one your course!

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