Interesting facts about smoke and tar!

November 23rd, 2009


Well what an interesting course!  As always I learnt something new – did you know that if a ship’s navigation system is out the way to show that it is in distress is to show smoke from the stern of the ship? There was also a combined interest in salting ham.  Several people on the course salt their own hams so there was much discussion about different recipes and different methods – some sounded really delicious and others were being done as experiments with the results yet to come. We have been promised some recipes – watch this space. I can”t wait! We smoke some meat such as ham that has already been cured but some of the meat that was under discussion today involved much more of a drying process similar to that of parma ham. Some people think that smoking takes a long time but these guys were talking about processing their hams for 6-9 months and more. Still I bet they’re worth the wait. Have to try it myself soon.Thanks guys for an interesting day!

8.7.09 At Smoky Jo’s we always have discussions about wood, resins, burning temperatures and tar on our courses – and here is a very interesting fact from our ‘ace’ inventor Colin “When I was young in the 1950”s we used to chew small pieces of tar like chewing gum. This would be obtained when tar was being freshly laid on road works, or laying roofing felt!” Crazy what we do as kids – didn’t do too much harm though!

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