Great Testimonial!

November 21st, 2009

“Sunday the 28th as I set off in rain, I had put a spare set of clothes in the car to change into after the course, not sure how wet I would get. The Lake District doesn’t have lakes by magic, it is probably due to the rain. Smoky Jo’s is on the borders of it! As I passed over the Pennines the distant weather in the west became visible and had blue sky patches in it, the weather got better and better as I approached Shap and it was glorious sunshine at Smoky Jo’s.
That was the glorious start to the glorious day that only seemed to last for 10 mins (that’s my excuse for not remembering everything)! The course ran from 10 am to 4 pm and every minute was solidly filled. So many tastings, so much to prepare, smoke and eat. I now have two of the books recommended on the course notes, although they are very detailed, they cannot start the replace the hands-on experience of the course. Excellent course, glorious day, enthusiastic knowledgeable people, what more can I say?”
“Highly recommended!”
– Thanks Colin – we really enjoyed meeting you and are inspired by your home designed smoker.

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