Kitchen Chaos and generous neighbours…

July 29th, 2011

I have yet to put pictures in the gallery from last weekend’s food smoking course – but I have an excuse!  It was a wonderful weekend, four couples who were strangers Saturday morning but friends before they left.  Here’s what Hilarie and Colin said “Dear Smokies, Very many thanks for the weekend-we both had such an enjoyable and instructive time. Good food, good company and lots of new experiences. And then the fantastic weather-where does your influence stop?” – I really do think that Shap weather is much maligned – it is almost always gorgeous – but if everyone knew we’d be over-run!

Anyway, this post is about kitchen chaos.  On Monday morning (even before our last smoking guests had checked out) help arrived to rip out our old kitchen units.  We were hard pushed to stay one step ahead, emptying the cupboards and drawers into boxes onto floors and tables… Then Smoky Jo (Smokey Jo?  Smokey Joe? – we know what it is!) got the paint pots out and Brian the plasterer got stuck in… Tuesday the new units arrived, more plastering, more painting…. Thursday the fittters were supposed to arrive… but just the one came.  I know it’s quality not quantity that counts, but here we are at 6 pm on Friday and although the sink and dishwasher (phew!) are in… no cupboard doors or drawers are in yet.  I can’t help but think that two of them would have been finished by lunchtime – if not yesterday.   And we have an AWFUL lot of cleaning and tidying to do before being ready for tomorrows smoking course! But we WILL be ready… even if we have to apologise when we take a little longer than we should to locate important items like our stovetop smoker…  Lastt night our neighbour, Alex, (proprietor of our additional B & B room as well as the wonderful Cow House holiday accommodation) took pity on us and cooked a wonderful meal for us – pasta with pancetta and broadbeans with scallops on pea puree.  Almost worth having the chaos!

6 oclock the night before a smoking course, chaos reins!

6 oclock the night before a smoking course, chaos reins!

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