A blogging good review of our smoking course!

July 1st, 2011

Last weekend was a really excellent course – not least because expectations were a little low because of the weather forecast.  Once again the heaven’s smiled on us and in spite of rumours of torrential rain and howling gales we actually only had a smidgen of drizzle during the fishing (didn’t stop some record trout being caught!) and Sunday was positively tropical!

One of our smokers was Jenny Cutler – professional speaker and raconteur from Marlow – who has written rather splendidly of her weekend on her own blog – well worth a read!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend – lots more can be found here. 


One Response to “A blogging good review of our smoking course!”

  1. Jenny Cutler says:

    how frightfully sweet of you to do this! what fun. Want to see me on youtube, not a real speech – just mucking around with a poem – wot i wrote – for a laugh. love jenny – on my FB page.

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