John Anderson’s Home Food Smoking Report…

June 25th, 2011

John came on a Smoky Jo’s food smoking course a couple of weeks ago and has clearly been inspired… not only to smoke food at home but also to try and recreate the engineering behind the Cold Smoke Generator.

These are the photos and email I got from him yesterday:

G & J

Finally got round to sending you some photos of my experimentations.  A highly succesfull first attempt with some Haddock from the Co-op and my old Weber portable BBQ.
To make the gauze smoulderer , I used 2 sheets of origamied aluminium gauze ( for car repairs).  The fuel was a mix of fine oak powder ( from my sanding machine ) plus some fluffy oak shavings ( from electric plane).
It produced smoke for about 4 hours, though after 3 hours I lit the other end because there didnt seem to be as much smoke coming out, but as you can see it burnt all the way along the channels.

End result was very tasty, though a little bit salty ( salted for half an hour )
Even Val liked it ( she doesnt really like fish).

Thanks again for a great day out.


PS Ducklings are cute!”

 Great stuff John,  – keep smoking – and thanks for the duckling picture!

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