A great response from a new food smoker…

May 9th, 2011

An email I got from David yesterday – less than 24 hours after his smoking course!

“Wow, What a fabulous day I had with you.

“Thank you for being such fabulous hosts. The family have all tried your food and think it is outstanding. At the moment I am hot smoking salmon on the stove top after the kids had done their toppings. Some interesting concepts have been thought up. What a brilliant way to get kids interested in food. Outside the cold smoker, aka Fred (Dibnas revenge) is coughing its last! I am confident that I will be smoking this week. I was unfortunately awake at 5 am thinking of how to make various types of smokers.”

2 Responses to “A great response from a new food smoker…”

  1. Sam (David's Partner) says:

    The fruits of Dibnah’s Revenge are fantastic if you ask David nicely he might let you have a photo so you can add it to you website. I really think more people should know about your courses – is it ok to post the link on FB? Sam.

  2. Smoky Jo says:

    Delighted to hear it! Yes – PLEASE post on FB – Smoky Jo is gettign better at this social networking malarkey – she also tweets as http://twitter.com/#!/foodsmokingjo

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