Smoked Camembert, with garlic and wine…!

November 20th, 2009

Try this!.  Mark has sent us this wonderful recipe. Definitely one to try  – Take a Camembert in a box, remove the plastic inner covering and put back into the box, put a series of slashes into the cheese and then insert slithers of garlic, lid on the box and then partially wrap (bottom and sides only) with some tin foil and hot smoke.Thanks Mark – sounds lovely – we will try it this weekend.

Because of my blogging problem andhavcing to rebuild… I can now add that we have tried it, we weren’t sure, so we have tried it again, and again… and we are reasonably sure itis ABSOLUTELY delicious!

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2 Responses to “Smoked Camembert, with garlic and wine…!”

  1. John C Farrell says:

    I’ve been looking to try this smoked Camembert ever since I read about it in a Peter Mayle novel. We will be going to a special birthday party on the 20th Sept 2013 – I’m going to prepare and offer this as a starter. Will post later on the result.

    Oh, wait!!! I’m going to Favorites your website, too.

  2. Smoky Jo says:

    Hi John, thanks for your post – I hope the cheese goes down as well as it should at the party! We look forward to hearing how everyone admired your culinary and smoky skills….

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