First course of the season – glorious sunshine, eight trout caught and lots of lovely smoked food!

April 11th, 2011


I have put some pictures on the website gallery, but here are a few more.  I’m hoping that John and Elayne will send a few more as I don’t seem to have taken many outside!  John and Elayne had to take a diversion due to a road closure in Crosby Ravensworth but it was worth it as they spotted a red squirrel on their detour – there are still a few here!

Several of our “smokers” were billeted at The Greyhound and found their whisky supply most satisfactory, and surprisingly affordable…

5 Responses to “First course of the season – glorious sunshine, eight trout caught and lots of lovely smoked food!”

  1. Ian T says:

    Good of Roth to lie down so that you could get him and the lake into the picture.

    I did think it was a bit wicked not to let Matt know you were only joking about using marmalade as a marinade! Naughty ladies!

    I’m sure Barry when he sees the photo will think the “gorgeous” refers to him and not the stickleback he caught! Some of us had to wrestle with a real man’s catch! I was pleased to report to my friends on return that I had fulfilled an ambition to catch a fish and eat it. Now I know what the hook is for!

    Have had some success with stove top smoking since home! Something I hadn’t done before! Found that four chicken legs easily fit on a folding steam rack, I used oak dust for the smoke that I bought on the course. Delicious!



    p.s. Roth I hope your exams are going well!

  2. Smoky Jo says:

    I hadn’t realised Roth was lying down to help the photographer, how kind of him!
    I hope you are fully recovered from your battle with the two HUGE trout you caught…
    Our recommendation was for marmalade on thesalmon, which went down very well…. Matt took it to the next level and although he didn’t like it, I have found lots of chicken with marmalade recipes!
    Happy Smoking!

  3. Ian T says:

    Hi Jo, kind of you to ask. Barry and I stopped in Ripon on the way home so we could recover! It was an ordeal all right, the trout marlin cross put up quite a fight.

    The jury is out on the marmalade I believe it is a Seville matter! Hope this hasn’t given you the pip, when you peel away the rhetoric it was just a pithy remark.

    Actually I might try that recipe for chicken legs with added smoke of course!



  4. Matt says:

    Cracking Weekend Jo & Georgina!
    I’ve been quiet as I’ve been on the scrounge. I have a 10 years supply of oak dust and shavings (assuming I smoke every weekend), so possibly a lifetime! I’ve ‘acquired’ a filing cabinet for a small charitable donation and have converted it into…….. Fresvina….. named after the quantity of wine consumed whilst patiently drilling holes in it with a ‘wood’ drill bit…. I didn’t enquire about design rights, or copyright infringement so I’m probably going to be hit with some royalty payment demands 😉

    Hot smoked my first Mackerel last night, the left overs have been turned into Mackerel Pate. I have two sides of salmon, some cheddar and Jarlsberg in Fresvina as we speak!

    I’ll forward some photo’s of the weekend… and success or otherwise from today’s smoking!

    Thanks again for an entertaining weekend – I will try marmalade again, but it’ll be on toast where it belongs 🙂


  5. Ian T says:

    Hi Matt, you could always make the toast from smoked bread!

    I’ve doubled the capacity of the stove smoking method. I use my brew pan for the vessel and a steamer rack for the meat or fish, above that I use cake cooling rack for the veg or mushrooms.



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