Triumph and Disaster..!

November 10th, 2009

3rd May… rebuilding blog after computing incident…

We had a good course this weekend.  Hopefully enjoyed by all.  The weather was kind to us – right up until it was time to hot smoke all the food and then we had a torrential down pour!  We were OK but poor old George was stuck out there hot smoking the food in our barrel smoker while we were tasting in the dining hall! Everyone was rather hungry because I had had a bit of a disaster at lunch time.  I was just taking the plate of hot smoked salmon that everyone had smoked for their lunch upstairs.  There I am hot smoked salmon in one hand and a huge bowl of salad in the other…… when CRASH!!  I tripped up the stair and fell flat on my face! The salmon flew threw the air – and the salad bowl crashed to the ground.  Both bowl and plate smashed.  I bumped both knees and elbows and just managed to stop my chin from hitting the stone step hard but did come away with several cuts from the broken crockery!
Feeling rather sorry for myself I rushed upstairs to apologise.  In the meantime George had rescued quite a lot of the salmon.  I then quickly made a new salad and we served it up with freshly made home baked bread and smoked cheese.  So I am not sure it was such a disaster after all – in fact looking back it was really quite funny!  We made up for it with yummy smoked cheeses.

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