A week end home smoking course to remember!

November 10th, 2009

10th April 2009… (see first post to explain date slippage!)

What fun we had on our first course! Brian joined us for a day to learn the sausage making and to try his hand at the fishing – and what a natural he was.  He caught the fist two fish and then hooked into the biggest fish we have ever had anyone hook.  I estimate it weighed between 3.5 lbs and 4lbs (in old money!) Brian played it very carefully for a few minutes and just as I was about to net it – it took off again and we suddenly lost it.  What a shame – though not for the fish… It was a whopper – but don’t worry Brian you can tell the story for many a year – of the ‘one that got away’! Peter then hooked into and landed a good fish and then Nick caught and landed the best fish of the day.  Carolyn won the award for getting the most bites but sadly never quite managed to hook a fish.  Never mind – A great effort all round. Sunday found us all waking up to a much better day – sunny and bright.  It was a good day for smoking.  We had fired up Freddie – the filing cabinet – the night before with a side of salmon and some cheese.  Then we got the wonderful fresh trout on, some chicken which everyone had brined in their own recipes, the home-made sausages, mushrooms, garlic, ham and lots more. Lunch saw us all tasting the cheeses with some hot soup and home-made bread and then we went on to smoke in a river-side smoker and fire up ‘Charlie’ our barrel smoker where we cold smoked some food first and later hot smoked it.The cold smoked salmon was sliced  and Peter – who has been involved with smoking salmon professionally all his life just could not believe how good it tasted – and smoked in an old filing cabinet! We  finished off with a glass of bubbly while we tasted everything we had smoked.  The chicken as always was a great success but Carolyn just went gooey over the smoked black pudding.  Guess what Nick is going to have to smoke on a regular basis? We, as always, really enjoyed ourselves and the end of the day found George and I outside sipping wine and eating smoked nuts while we waited for relatives to arrive to spend the week with us.  Lovely weekend and this year is going to be wonderful if every course is as enjoyable as this one was.

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