A ProQ Home Smoker and Macs Smoke Generator

July 10th, 2010

A recent email from a Smoky Jo alumnus!

“Hi Georgina and Jo,

Just a quick note which I have been meaning to send for a while.

Have been having great success with my ProQ, which has been in near constant use since last November.  I even have a commission to produce a whole heap of smoked garlic to be marketed on a charity Christmas stall.  Only minor disaster so far as been some filet steak, which I brined for too long – still edible but not quite the effect I was looking for!  Biggest success are the various cheeses and mackerel (cold followed by hot smoking).

Anyway great fun and great food!

One extra item has been absolutely invaluable – the ProQ cold smoke generator. This makes my ProQ genuinely both a cold and hot smoker and I would really recommend this simple piece of kit.

Best wishes


You can see our review of the smoke generator on an earlier post

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