Sun and rain!

June 20th, 2010

Last weekend’s smoking course brought wonderful weather on the Saturday – great for fishing!  For the first time more fish were caught fly fishing than on maggots or worms – and all the fish were much bigger than they usually are.  Bit of a struggle fitting them all on the smokers on Sunday, but we did!  All into B’s cafe at the fishery to talk about the one that got away, afterwards.  They’ve got a new farm shop there too, now.

Sunday was more traditionally Cumbrian, although in fairness we have, over the years been extraordinarily lucky with weather for our smoking days.  Lots of pics on the gallery, as ever!

We cold smoked a huge side of rainbow trout all day Saturday, then dried it out overnight in Jo’s amazing converted fridge…  it was (and still is) delicious!

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