Cold Smoke Generator gets a thumbs up…

June 13th, 2010
ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

Cold Smoke Generator from ProQ

As promised I am finally trying to catch up… the gallery is up to date apart from this week end’s course, and at last, here is the smoke producer we have been reviewing.  It costs about £30 and is available from the inventor at Mac’s BBQ or from  For Food Smokers .

It does exactly what it says – the only tiresome thing is that we didn’t invent it!  It is only about 8 inches square, with a “maze” track of mesh, which when filled with wood dust smoulders for hours and hours…  Plenty of smoke for a small BBQ or indeed biscuit tin or any other container you may want to smoke your food in! If you want more and will settle for three hours or so smoke, then you can light it in two places.  We found that if we were only smoking in the top drawer of Freddy 3 (the filing cabinet smoker) then  we could put the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator in the drawer below (or in the same drawer if space allowed) and it would smoke for a good 8 hours, with no risk of the heat melting the cheeses or cooking the salmon.

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  1. Simon says:

    Quick question, if I may: we’re completely new to home smoking and recently bought the ProQ cold smoke generator (which arrived with your book). I’ve been building a cardboard box smoker along the lines of the one sold by the makers. I’ve made the box as airtight as possible except for the outlet hole at the top. What I’m unsure about is whether I should make a hole near the bottom of the box as well, or if the outlet hole will provide enough oxygen to keep the wood dust smouldering. What do you advise?

  2. Smoky Jo says:

    Hi Simon,

    I suggest that you need some sort of vent/hole at the bottom to ensure that there is sufficient oxygen to keep the cold smoke generator alight. the ProQ Eco smoker has a flap at the bottom where you put the CSG in and it sits on a metal plate at the base of the cardboard box. (I know this is obvious but it has happened – make sure that you never put the CSG in the cardbaord box with the candle still alight in it)
    The smoke tends to seep out a bit of the eco smoker but that really doesnt matter.
    Hpe that helps – get back to us if we can assist further. Happy Smoking!

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