Smoking in a cardboard box…

March 4th, 2016

We were lucky enough to receive some flowers a couple of years ago in a delivery box that was just perfect for smoking in with the cold smoke generator … and we decided to save it as we had been using our eco-smoker for years… but I have lost it… we have only just retired our original one, after four years of valiant service on courses, at shows and just for our own salmon.. and mushrooms… and nuts… and things.

When we first came across the eco-smoker we thought £25 was a lot of money for a cardboard box – but it really is a very good piece of kit! Ours has  travelled the country with us, smoked no end of olives, nuts, cheeses and salmon and even spent the night in a large puddle – but that’s another story…

It took me about 5 minutes to put together, then I was able to light the cold smoke generator and off we went! NB – Always remove the nightlight from the CSG before putting it in the cardboard box!

Smoky Jo has just been asked to do a demo on 20th March at Rheged for the Marmalade festival… we’ll see what we have time to do!

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