Smoky Jo’s food smoking book “Simplicity itself to follow and written in such a way as to positively encourage experimentation”

June 27th, 2014

Aren’t there lovely people out there, who take the trouble to write emails like this?!

Hi Jo & Georgina.

Something like 16 years ago a (now departed) friend bought me a ‘Shakespeare’ portable smoker as a Christmas present. My partner – another Jo – was (and is still) a flyfisherwoman as well as being a cracking cook and we had great ideas of eating freshly smoked trout/sea trout/salmon. Except the one thing missing from the smoker was any kind of instructions.

Of course back in the day there was no internet to interrogate for information so, not wishing to appear ungrateful for the present by enquiring about its provenance etc, it was quietly slipped into the loft where it remained until a few weeks ago. And then I discovered your book via Google. “Aha” I thought “this is the book for us!” Simplicity itself to follow and written in such a way as to positively encourage experimentation rather to intimidate.

So, meths and oak dust bought, brine prepared, we had a go; trepidatiously placing a couple  of rainbow fillets in the smoker, sliding on the lid and lighting the burner. As you predicted we were very surprised at the almost complete absence of smoke from the container. On the other hand the smell of smoking fish was unmistakeable! Thirty minutes later (just a tad longer than expected) and the fish was done. The verdict? In a word, excellent. We tried it straight from the smoker which was nice  enough but after a night in the fridge (again as predicted) the smokiness was more pronounced – delicious with some horseradish sauce, thinly sliced cucumber and brown bread and butter.

We obviously have a long and interesting road ahead and we’re looking forward to experimenting: thanks for the inspiration!

Andy Logan

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