Teaching Food Smoking to my Home Economics Teacher!

April 13th, 2010

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“Georgina has been a most lively pupil to teach and I hope she has enjoyed the year as much as I have.  She should gain a satisfactory grade in her examination, and I hope she finds her Home Economics of use to her in her future life.” From my very last school report!


Because when we came back from our holiday there was a letter waiting for us, booking a course.  I did not recognise the name, but as I entered the details on the computer I moved the letter and saw a signature I recognised.  From my school reports.

I knew Jo had spoken to Maria Bird so I asked what she sounded like “Too young to have taught you” was the reply.  I was still fairly sure about the signature, but not 100% certain…  until Mrs Bird arrived for our first day of 2010. “Good Morning” I said, “Long time no see”.  She looked blankly at me until I reminded her she once taught me…  “Oh bloody hell!” was her response.

Having assured her she didn’t have to stay we had a great day.  I resorted to type and giggled at the back of the class and she brought me up to date on other teachers.  Some of whom I would NOT have welcomed on a course!

I gradually realised to my relief that she had no recollection (other than a vague notion of a naughty George…) of the spotty, bespectacled, hormonal girl who really should not have been doing Home Economics A level.  But yes, she did help me pass it – just!  I even found a photograph of her from our days at the Sacred Heart School, Beechwood.

Mrs Bird, my cookery teacher, way back when...
Mrs Bird, my cookery teacher, way back when…

Anyway, it was really fun day and everyone seemed to enjoy the food!

Enjoying the food
Enjoying the food

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