The Wild Boar Festival of Smoke

April 1st, 2014

Our friends at The Wild Boar held a novel event at the beginning of March – a Festival of Smoke.  It was an outdoorsy kind of day, with free clay pigeon shooting in their woods and bacon being fried on a “Swedish Lamp” – a carved log, burning away with a frying pan full of smoky bacon!

Smoky Jo was doing demonstrations inside and I was stoking the fires (four of them!) outside.  There was smoked porter, smoked cheeses, smoked sausages and Jo even smoked some Kendal Mint Cake.  Lots of good food was being given away will nilly and the day was rounded off with a smokey banquet and a whisky tasting -with one really peaty, smoky dram…. There are lots of pictures on the Lakeland Radio site (but they missed me!)



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