A smoked gammon (or ham!) question…

January 4th, 2014
Smoked ham, carved and ready to eat!

Smoked ham, carved and ready to eat!

Without smoking courses at the moment I can either bore you with my smoked delicacies (smoked Cheddar cheese on toast with a smudge of tomato puree…) or pop onto this smoked food blog a few of the questions and answers we deal with by email…

(By the way, obvious when you know, but a ham is ready to eat, gammon – cured pork – needs cooking.)

Hello Jo & Georgina,

You very kindly sorted out a Cameron stove-top hot smoker for me at Christmas. You should know it’s a great success and is being put to very good use.

I hope you don’t mind me asking but our daughter bought me a cold smoker for Christmas [one of the Pro Q eco smokers] and I’m keen to have a go at a gammon. Incidentally, I read your book at my daughters over the holiday period and have ordered my own copy from you this morning. Problem is I can’t wait for it to arrive and want to get stuck in today or tomorrow.

Would you have time to suggest how I go about cold smoking a gammon piece? As it’s already got a high salt content [I would imagine], should I simply soak it in cold water overnight then dry and smoke?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Smoky Jo’s response:
I assume you are intending to cook the gammon after smoking? In which case yes, we soak over-night with a couple of water changes – but it so much depends on personal taste and the quality of the ham! – Usually better quality ham needs less soaking to reduce salt levels.  You  really don’t want to over-soak as the meat can become almost tasteless and the smoke just sits in the water content.
Hope this helps.


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