Updates on the gallery and smoked morsels at the Shap Chippy

September 18th, 2013

This summer has been fairly frenetic for we foodies in Cumbria.  As well as touring with the Smoky Jo show (well, CLA game fair, Food & Company, Wild Boar and Shap) we have been adding some rather splendid items to the menu at Shap Chippy.

I have finally caught up with the gallery – so if you think we had missed a course or two – you were right, but some great pics are there now.  Check out the HUGE (2 lb 5 oz) trout Doreen caught on the bait lake at Bessy Beck.  We brined it, cold smoked it in Florence the Filing cabinet and then slowly baked it.

For a perfect smoked trout it should ideally be starved before being “despatched” (not easy if it’s swimming wild, obviously) then allowed to go through rigor mortis before being brined for a couple of hours.  After rinsing it should be allowed to dry and mature a little over night before being cold or hot smoked – or both.

So what of Shap Chippy? We have a wonderful meaty sausage from Cocklakes farm shop which we cold smoke before deep frying… it’s called the “Smoky Jo”.  But the real surprise is the smoked halloumi fritters – excellent on their own, but with the curry sauce (also vegetarian friendly) they are sensational!

We have banana fritter on the menu… next stop smoked banana fritters!

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