A Happy New Year from a confirmed (food) smoker!

January 8th, 2013
We thought we would share this lovely message from one of our international clients! Her American Salad company prides itself on Tuscan Goodness, American Taste.  And she’s English!
I was on one of your smoking courses in August last year, which I enjoyed thoroughly, by the way. However, I had to wait ’til this Christmas for Santa (commonly known as “Dad”) to bring the equipment I needed to put in to practice all those great ideas you gave me!
You may remember that I am a chef over here in Italy, which is one of the reasons I wanted to learn to smoke. Well after the annual New Year’s hell of catering until stupid hours, I unwrapped my Eco smoker and cold smoke generator, sat down with a cup of tea, read your book, (which incidentally is brilliant!) then went to my local market for some inspiration. I wanted to keep things simple for my first time, but also experiment with whatever took my fancy. So along with the classic piece of salmon, Emmental and garlic, I also smoked chickpeas and pumpkin. I have to say I am gobsmacked at how well everything turned out! I was particularly pleased with the pumpkin, which I made into soup after roasting it. It was so delicate, yet the flavour was much deeper than when the pumpkin is not smoked. Then, as I specialise in making different hummus’, I thought that smoked hummus would be interesting – and boy isn’t it?! I will play around with smoking times, but what a sensational taste.
I wanted to share this with you as a little ‘Thank you’ for your inspiration, ideas and your excellent teaching skills. I famously have a 3 second memory, so I was worried what you taught me way back in August would have seeped out ages ago. Not so, and with a little revision through the help of your book, it went swimmingly.
I’ve been recommending your courses left, right and centre – in fact, last night we were invited to dinner at a friend’s house and a Scottish ex-pat mate was there. I bought some of the salmon along. They all thought it was incredible, but he went absolutely bonkers!! I might be able to make this a little side line!!
Anyway, thanks so much again. I’ve got lots more ideas I want to give a go – I’ll let you know how they go.
A very Happy New Year to you both.
Best wishes,
Paula Carrier

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