Winston is smoking!

August 17th, 2012

Winston the smoker This is the news I got yesterday from Katja, who was on our first smoking course of the year… Winston is their homemade food smoker!

Hi Smoky Jo and Georgina,

just had a fabulous dinner with home grown potatoes mashed with a home grown onion gravy and some Cherry smoked Pork and Red Leicester sausages. – Unbelievably good!!!!
Recently smoked Brie, Cheddar and Wensleydale, salt, seed mix and Garlic. – Delicious!!!!
We also smoked a pork fillet (have to work on the recipe, was too salty as we only added 1.8l – excluding any 200ml juice or cider to the brine…….) slowly cooked in the oven afterwards, but it was ok despite the saltiness. – You only learn from your mistakes.
The Wensleydale goes well in salads instead of Feta. A bit of the cheddar is still (how many weeks later?) in the fridge. Does not seem to go off but tastes absolutely fab!!!! When fresher it was just awesome with just some grapes…. Mmmm.
Still in the smoker is some more Cheddar and some Feta. Also some home grown Garlic. – Looking forward to having that!!!!
We are using your book as “bible”. Great book!!!!!
— Regards,
Katja Driesel

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