A great day out for family and friends…

August 11th, 2012


The Wortleys smoking day in glorious sunshine

The Wortleys smoking day in glorious sunshine

Yesterday we had another private course – four people all keen to learn, enjoy themselves and eat delicious food!  Pam wanted to make sausages, Mike, Andrew and Margaret were keen to impove their smoking skills.  Mike had brought a trout he had caught as well as cold smoked fillet that he had made and hoped to improve on.  Andrew and Margaret brought goose breast and plaice to smoke.We hadn’t smoked plaice before so we tried brining, dry salting and no salting at all.  No salting proved the need for salt!  The dry-salted and flavoured fillets got the thumbs up – we also brined a whole plaice for about 15 minutes in a 30% brine then cold smoked it… Andrew took it home to cook, so we await a report on the quality!

The goose was wild, and although it smoked well after being brined it was a little tough – next time we think a weaker brine for a longer time with a higher proportion of sugar. Red wine was also generally though to be an effective tenderiser (for the goose, that is…)

Margaret and Pam both made sausages which they shared for lunch – the apple and sage were excellent, but those with stilton and cumin were fabulous.  A great day, and I THINK our guests enjoyed it as much as we did!

24 hours on it’s time I got with cleaning the smoker racks… but the weather is SO good… and the Olympics are on….

(If you are interested in a tailor-made day or weekend for you and friends, please get in touch!  We can’t promise the sunshine but most other things are possible.)


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