A lovely thanking email!

June 1st, 2012
Hi George & Jo,
Pro Q water smoker in use on a canal boat

Pro Q water smoker in use on a canal boat

Sorry this is several years late! My daughter Ellie and I came on a Smoking course with you in 2008-ish and had a wonderful few days. Loads of water under the bridge since then (literally in our case since my husband and I have moved aboard a narrowboat and are chugging our way slowly around the waterways of the UK) and you probably don’t know who the hell I am. Still better late than never. I took this photo of the smoker we bought from you to which I’ve added an extra layer and use with a ‘smoke generator’ as a cold smoker aboard the boat. I’m still using the expertise I gained on the course with you and have managed to adapt it to work in an extremely restricted space. Thanks again!


Of course we remember them….  Cornish fishing folk turned canal-boaters… how wonderful!

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