A visiting photographer

May 8th, 2012

On the second day of our smoking course we were joined by Stephen Taylor – a photographer.  Well I say a photographer – Stephen is so much more than a photographer – he is actually, in my view, an exceptionally talented story teller – only he tells his stories in the most amazing pictures.    Update! You can now see his slideshow.

Stephen attends and photographs an event and puts together a series of slides that depict what he has experienced and observed.  His photographs are amazing.  I urge you to have a look at this blog and as an example of how how catches the essence of his subjects – have a look at  ‘My Mum and Dad’.  Read what he says about his parents and then watch his slide-show –  it is quite extraordinary.

Stephen Taylor capturing 'A day in the life of Smoky Jo's'

He spent the day with us – floating around in the background  to the point that the rest of us hardly noticed that he was there!  He  recorded what it is we do on a food smoking course at Smoky Jo’s.   As he had been unable to join us on the Saturday for the sausage making and fishing we changed things around a bit to help him capture as much as possible.  So this weekend everyone smoked their own lunch on the Sunday rather then the Saturday which meant that people had even more to eat, but it  also meant that Stephen got to have some smoked salmon and everyone shared their own recipe sausages with him!  I don’t think he went home hungry and  I hope that Stephen got all the shots he wanted.

Photographing the photographer!

He has promised us a disc of photos – which will tell our Smoky Jo’s ‘story’ – I cannot wait.  Thanks Stephen – it was great working with you.


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