2010 Not the year to give up smoking!

January 21st, 2010

How on earth did we get this far into January?!

Well,  I (Smoky Georgina) have had a knee op.  so Smoky Jo has had to do all the work… That’s not to say I didn’t hobble out in the snow to do some Christmas treats… We always smoke a bit of chicken for our neighbour as a prezzie.

This year Lynn, a friend from Crosby Ravensworth, who runs a vegetable delivery/box scheme (VistaVeg) ran into Jo in the village and declared that she had had an epiphany – she had tried some smoked turkey at Low Sizergh Barn and wanted some for Christmas…  so she bought a fresh turkey fillet, we brined it and cold smoked it in the filing cabinet for her and they roasted it on Christmas day… as her husband said on Facebook… “That was quite simply the best Christmas turkey I have ever had. Top drawer! Mum and Dad loved it!”

Smoking Christmas turkey in the snow at Smoky Jo's

Smoking Christmas turkey in the snow at Smoky Jo's

As well as that I smoked some trout.  I had the luxury of time, which we don’t have on a course, so after brining the trout I let them air overnight  before cold smoking them for about ten hours… then I dry-baked them in a moderate oven. And we had them for Breakfast on Christmas day – MmmHhhmmm!

Anyway…  we sold a good number of gift vouchers for Smoking Courses for Christmas, and excited folk are beginning to book themselves in.  Seems a long way off to the start of the season – but it will soon be upon us!

Check the dates… and book yourself a treat!

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