A chimney for our wardrobe smoker

May 4th, 2012

Finally I got around to putting a proper chimney on our wardrobe smoker.  The smoker is fired by a fire in an old wood burning stove  and the smoke is piped through to the wardrobe by some of that chimney liner silver hose. 

'Waldo' - our wardrobe smoker!

However I had never put in a chimney which is actually pretty essential to a) draw the smoke through from the wood burner and b) to get rid of some of the smoke.

So yesterday we set about drilling a hole through the top of the wardrobe at the back and out through the side of the smoking shed.  The first bit was easy – to drill a hole through the wood however drilling through thick corrugated iron was a little more taxing!

Making a hole for the chimney in the back of the wardrobe


Trying to drill a hole through corrugated iron!










 However finally we managed and I found an old piece of pipe and fitted it through to make a chimney.  We slanted it down slightly to try and stop the rain getting in and also drilled a series of holes at the bottom of the pipe so that any rain that might get blown in will come back out of the holes.

The chimney - with the first wiff of smoke coming out. - It works!

So here it is – Waldo with his new chimney and it is working very well.  As I write  we have fired him up and he is smoking a number of cheeses  – Brie, Stilton, Cheddar and Edam for our weekend  smoking course course tomorrow.

Waldo with his new chimney.

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