Welcoming Rik…

April 20th, 2012

We’re looking forward to welcoming Rik Magliola and his friends this weekend – it’s been difficult for him getting six people to have a day available together, but I’m sure the wait will have been worth it!  The weather looks to be giving all of our guests a traditional welcome – sunshine, wind, heavy rain…

Last weekend we had bitingly cold weather – but bright in parts.  Fishing was particularly chilly, with hands suffering! A generally good time 6/8 people caught themselves a trout and enough were caught so that everyone had one to smoke on Sunday.

As well as smoking them in a Snowbee and a side-by-side smoker, the two largest I cold smoked in Florence the Filing cabinet before baking slowly in the Aga.

The other exciting thing for this week is that I have a new camera, so next week’s gallery should be really good… if I have time to read the voluminous manual!

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