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Paul and Lanto from Mac’s BBQ visit us!

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

Updates on the gallery and smoked morsels at the Shap Chippy

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Courses and a new project…

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

I know we have hunters, fishermen and women, game food lovers all learning to smoke food…. any book lovers?

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Learn to smoke food in two days (…and catch a trout, make a sausage…)

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Catching your own trout to smoke

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Welcoming Rik…

Friday, April 20th, 2012

L’Enclume, smokers and accountability!

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Bessy Beck Trout Fishery and the Penrith Rural Business Women’s Network Fishing Competition

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

A blogging good review of our smoking course!

Friday, July 1st, 2011